Friday, March 22, 2013

$3 Easter Table Runner

That's right fools, $3, courtesy of my friend Ikea.

I love me some table runners, and since we are hosting Easter this year, I wanted one to dress the table with really really really bad. I wanted to say desperately there, but there is nothing desperate about wanting a table runner.

I also didn't want to spend $15 for one ala Target - ain't nobody got money for that. Okay maybe you do but I'm a self-diagnosed project hoarder and like to put that money to use for bigger projects.

Back to Ikea. I was looking for a new bathroom vanity (I have a problem I know) at Ikea yesterday and stopped by their fabric department where I found this for $5.99/yard. That's decor weight too so I kind of felt like I was stealing.

Anyway, I only needed a half of yard aka $3 worth, so after squaring it up and hemming under the edges, I had a $3 table runner for Easter made.

Don't have sewing skills? No problem - you could easily use iron-on hem tape to make this too. The entire hemming process too about 30 minutes - but 15 of those were spent sending text messages so I'll say it took 15 minutes to make because well, close enough.

The Shabby Nest

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